The Ultimate '9,000sqm' Luxury Health Club & Gym 

Designed by ACME architects, Australia’s largest health club and gym merges the elegance of a Roman bathhouse with cutting-edge technology, reminiscent of top-tier Olympic training facilities and rooftop relaxation sanctuaries.

Rooftop Recovery & Longevity

This is the Future of Wellness: TFP’s Monumental Health Club and gym experience features the ultimate strength & cardio training facilities, 10 dedicated studios, rooftop recovery & longevity, urban farm, co-working spaces, Allied Health, Day Spa, Medi Spa, Healing Lounge, Dog day care & kids crèche.
The venue's ‘Seven-Sense Biospheric’ theme blends natural elements to give members a multisensory experience, ensuring rejuvenation with every breath.
Damien Cavallucci